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Our Story


Brief History

A journey to serve humanity from 2005 and still ongoing 

The Dream

Virgin Home was founded on September 5, 2005 by Madam Comfort Bediako, who was a professional teacher until she resigned from public service to dedicate herself to Virgin Kids Academy. Madam Comfort always had the dream to start a school to help young girls and needy children, so when a small private school  close to Iron City folded up and the children scattered, Madam and her mother, Maame, as we all affectionately call her, saw the need to do something quick. 

Scattered Kids

So they tried to gather the scattered children but they were only able to gather seven of them from the street. Using their own family home which was an uncompleted building, Madam Comfort founded Virgin Kids Academy at Iron City, Kasoa, one of the fastest growing cities in West Africa. For the first few months, enrollment was low because the parents couldn’t pay the 15 Ghana Cedis (US$2.50) school fees, and they eventually ended up back on the streets. 

No School Fees?

Madam Comfort was then compelled to scrap the school fees entirely and chose to run the school from her personal resources. So the fee-paying basic school now turns into a home for the needy, and to formalize things, Virgin Home was registered with the Social Welfare Department of Ghana in 2013.

Birth of a vision

Madam Comfort’s vision is motivated by her experience as a volunteer in a home for special children during her days as a teacher trainee at St. Louis Training College in Kumasi, Ghana (now St. Louis College of Education). 

In those days at St. Louis,  they had European Roman Sisters serving permanently in the school. Madam Comfort quickly grew in her affection to serve through her closeness to the Sisters.  She eventually became the Prefect of the College and even harboured desires of becoming a Catholic Nun herself. So she volunteered on her vacations.

This was when she learned that every human, irrespective of their physical challenges, can be of benefit to the society when given the right education and training.

She quickly found out that regardless of how brilliant a woman may be, her destiny may delay or forever remain latent unless she gets someone who will support her and take care of her children so that she can complete her education. She easily came by this truth by her own experience as a teenage mother and a single parent herself. Madam Comfort had her first two children before she went to the Training College, and then later on to the University of Cape Coast.

Then by some divine arrangement, her first posting as a trained teacher was to Assin Homaho, a remote village even to this day; right in rain forests of the Central Region of Ghana. Here, Madam Comfort was quickly overwhelmed by the little value placed on education. Working with the head teacher of the little Basic School, and the traditional leaders of the village, she mobilized and encouraged the village folks to the school. She then served as a teaching staff, and caterer, and a host to some of the children who came from other villages deep within the rainforest. So this was where she developed her unique interest and love for taking care of children.

She was then transferred to several other towns in the Central Region through the ensuing years until she decided to further her education. Even as a Home Economics major at the University of Cape Coasts  which is known for it strong academic programs,  Madam Comfort went to see the traditional leaders of the local community close to the university and told them of her desire to start a training centre for girls, and they were glad to offer her a temporary location where she started a small vocational centre for female school dropouts and single mothers from the community.

Soon after she graduated, she decided to operate a school to benefit the needy in her community,  which led her to resign from public service at her new post at the Awutu Senya Senior High School, which brings us to the beginning of the journey of Virgin Kids Academy.

Our Aims


To offer quality education to the needy


To create a conducive environment for both the 'haves' and the 'have-nots' to access quality education


To provide nutritious and balanced diets to the needy children just like any other child


To offer vocational and employable skills to school dropouts and street children in Poultry Farming, Animal Rearing, Fish Farming, Crop Farming, Sowing, and Catering Services.


The Home which started with 7 children in a two-room family house now has an enrollment of 500 pupils. The two rooms have now been pulled down and in its place, a 4-storey classroom block is being constructed.

The regular school has a day student population of 360 and there are 60 borders. We now have 36 teaching staff and 8 non-teaching staff for all our 3 campuses in Iron City, in Kasoa in the Central Region, Nana Attah Bediako Memorial School, Kwahu Mpraeso and the Amanfrom Campus, all in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

Total Enrollment

Ongoing Projects


Needy Children

International Partners

General Education Network (G.E.N.)

The work at Virgin Home has attracted international organisations like the General Education Network (G.E.N.) who have been our supporters for several years. They even came to Ghana to produce a documentary film on Virgin Home. G.E.N. funded the construction of a 3-storey classroom block at Mpraeso and when Madam Comfort’s father passed away in 2019, Matthew Groëller named the Mpraso campus after him. (Nana Atta Bediako worked for Virgin Home in his latter years, and he donated the land for the school’s construction)

Madam Comfort and G.E.N. have plans to add a vocational school to the Nana Atta Bediako Memorial School.

Tribe Mankind

Tribe Mankind, which is focussed on empowering children through proper education has been working with Madam Comfort as an important donor. They recently donated 10 brand new laptops to Virgin Kids Academy.

Josh Mitchell

Josh Mitchell and his fundraising outfit at Silver Arrows Investments from the United Kingdom have been supporting Madam Comfort to complete the 4-storey classroom block at Kasoa. Funds from Josh and his friends fully paid for the second floor,  and as at this writing, work on the final floor is about to begin.


Volunteers started arriving at Virgin Kids a few months after Madam Comfort scraped school fees and registered the school as an NGO. And we have received them from the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Australia, Germany, Brazil, Canada, New Zealand, Switzerland, Italy, The Netherlands, China, France, Denmark, and many other nations. 

The culture of volunteering that our volunteers exhibit has introduced our children to a like of selfless sacrifice,  so many of them offer to volunteer after they complete school. Besides professional teachers, many of our volunteers help by doing simple menial works like bathing the little ones, supervising their studies, cleaning, and cooking, all to help the home to run more efficiently.

Extra-curricular Activities

Virgin Kids has clubs like a cultural troupe and cadet corps. The instructors of these clubs work as casual workers, so we engage them as and when we need their services. To create a healthy and total development for our kids, we encourage social interaction by taking them on excursions every year. We’ve visited many popular heritage sites like the Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum, Kakum National Park, Aburi Botanical Gardens, Boti Falls,  Tini Falls, the Ghana Trade Fair Centre, Cape Coast Castle,  and many more.


Virgin Kids presented our first batch of Basic Education Certificate Examinations (BECE) in 2010, and we had 100% passes. We have maintained that distinction since then.

An extreme percentage of our children have gained admission to Senior High Schools and onward to the university every year


Madam Comfort is appealing and inviting anyone who shares this passion to join in with her to touch the hearts of the vulnerable and needy and reshape a future for them. Your help will be needed in improving the facilities of the campuses. The community at Amanfrom has offered 9 acres of land at Osino, which is part of Mpraeso, Amanfrom, so Virgin Kids plans to move the campus there. We want to build a new school and accommodation facilities there. The idea is to separate the home from the school, so that the children would have a feel of a real home that’s different from a school. 

We have plans to build a computer lab for our ICT lessons. Any assistance in the form of financial donations, voluntary service, teaching and learning materials, computers,  clothing,  play items, school bus, vehicles, and anything that can be of benefit to the development and comfort of the home are welcome.


We are undertaking the following projects;

A school for 200 to 400 children

A Pre-school Department of 3 classrooms, (estimated at 250,000 Ghana Cedis is already under construction)

A Pre-school Department of 3 classrooms, (estimated at 250,000 Ghana Cedis is already under construction)

A Primary School Department of 6 classrooms, (estimated at 500,000 Ghana Cedis)

A Junior High School Department of 3 classrooms (estimated at 250,000 Ghana Cedis)

A Vocational Department of 3 classrooms (estimated at 250,000 Ghana Cedis)

A home for 50 to 200 needy children (estimated at 300,000 Ghana Cedis)

Staff quarters which also doubles as a volunteer accommodation (estimated at 100,000 Ghana Cedis)

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